Screens are the simplest form of portfolio management. You can create a screen for pretty much anything. Ours are based on size and growth.

We start by screening, we are engineers not CFAs or stock analysts. Therefore, the screens we use are simple, but repeatable. Future 50’s team consists of the 50 largest stocks in the Nasdaq; Strong 50, the 50 largest in the S&P 500 and UltraGrowth 50 stocks that show the great projected growth. AlphaDog takes the 15 largest from Future 50 and strong 50 then combines them with the 15 highest projected growth stocks from Ultra Growth and finally we add the 5 largest stocks in the U.S. to get a team of 50. When a duplicate occurs we put it into one screen not both. You have the ability to create your own custom portfolios which may do better than our rather simple models.