Portfolio Performance Annual Gross Returns

PortfoliosSince Inception201820172016201520142013201220112010
Alpha Dog28.484.3341.1734.2018.1526.1471.4635.017.0632.19
Equity Blend13.26-3.9921.7114.8111.559.3145.621.915.4132.32
ETF Strategic Rotation11.11-4.0818.797.27-3.470.0923.401.266.546.94
Future 5023.7215.2632.1116.2624.7124.3662.8222.6815.7421.30
Strong 5024.111.9545.1117.398.9119.9352.9817.1932.9743.06
Ultra Growth21.13-11.3633.5118.4820.1817.6537.8519.0420.7422.05
Equity Models Average21.013.6239.9513.4011.7817.7467.5132.5814.6720.19
Alpha vs Benchmark12.748.0018.121.4410.404.0535.1230.6712.565.13

¹ The Benchmark is the S&P 500 Total Return

2 Gross Returns are through 31 December 2018

3 The performance returns from 2007-2009 are from back-tested portfolios.

4 The performance returns from 2010-2015 are from actual client portfolios however these returns were not GIPS audited.

5 The performance returns starting 2016 are from a composite of portfolios which were GIPS audited.

6 The 2016 performance returns for Ultra Growth are for a partial year starting July 1.

7 Future 50 went active on 1 January 2018. Results prior before that are from backtesting.

8 Alpha Dog, BioMedTech, International and Strong 50 went active 1 January 2019. Results prior to that are from backtesting.